Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Begining

During my freshman year, I had originally lived on the 20th floor of Lawrence Hall at Point Park University, but after dealing with undesirably small spaces, a 20 minute long and cramped elevator ride every morning, multiple 6AM evacuations from the top floor, and having my room broken into during a power outage, I decided that it was time for a change (I could go on, trust me).

I certainly could not move back in with my grandparents or any other relatives, because that of course would be the 'uncool' thing to do.

Saving money and free rides to work and school from my grandmother. Yeah. That's really uncool.

Anyways, after some brief research, I decided that moving into Pittsburgh's Mount Washington neighborhood, a popular area for many college students, would be a wise decision. After all, the neighborhood seemed to be quieter than bustling Oakland, with less traffic, nicer homes, and easy access to stores. Plus, I thought that living up there would not only give me access to the 41E bus route, but it also would give me easy access to a trolley terminal and the inclines.

Or that's what I thought when I signed the one year long lease.

So after searching through some classifieds and looking at several apartments, I ended up moving into a very large and recently renovated house with my three other roommates this July. I can honestly say that the dorm life is good for some people, but it certainly wasn't for me and I'm happy (for the most part) with my new home.

I am (sometimes) proud to say that I've lived and gone to school in the inner-city all of my life, however, this has often come with its advantages and disadvantages; particularly with its public transportation system.

Not only am I a terrible driver, but I simply cannot afford the cost of a vehicle and all of the responsibilities that come along with owning one. Because of this, I've relied heavily on Port Authority's buses, trolleys, and inclines for roughly six years now. I'm not saying that using public transportation is completely a bad thing though. Surly, I've saved a lot of money in comparison to owning a car and have been given a lot of freedom in choosing where I decide to work and live. I hope to share them all with you.

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