Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm going to be living in a cardboard box

So, I've decided that I'm going to be living in a box on the corner of Wood and Boulevard of the Allies in Downtown Pittsburgh.

To explain why, this morning (OK... so maybe it was around noon), I woke up and made myself a cup of tea as I turned on my computer to check my school e-mail and I go on to the Point Park University site... And low and behold on top of the campus news section there's a link to the Pittsburgh Port Authority Transit update.

Originally, I had thought that if there was a strike involving the Port Authority, Point Park would immediately cancel classes and all activities. It would be the only logical thing to do considering that it has an immense part of its student body, as well as many professors and other faculty members, that rely solely on public transportation to get to school. PPU is even listed as a commuter campus by many popular college profiling websites such as

And yet Point Park University never ceases to amaze me with its concern for the well-being of its students... *sarcasm*

According to the University's page, they are, "aware of the resulting inconvenience to its students, faculty and staff, many of whom rely upon PAT to travel to and from campus."

They're about as aware of the true problem of the situation as much as a blindfolded man is aware of what's in front of him.

Point Park continues to state that, "As some will still be able to commute, coupled with Point Park's significant residential student population, classes will be held as scheduled."

According to collegeboard, ONLY 25% of Point Park's undergraduate students actually live on campus!


Just because Point Park's residential population is increasing at a rapid rate, that does not mean that it outweighs the commuter population!

Point Park suggests that "carpooling" is an excellent option for its professors, faculty, and students. It's an excellent idea if you don't realize that the amount of traffic across Pittsburgh will probably increase significantly due to everyone having to drive their vehicles and the amount of available parking spaces in town will probably be inexistent due to every driver needing a spot. Plus, I don't know anyone who actually drives or rides their bike to the busy Downtown campus, so I don't know how I would be able to get to school.

I have a feeling that I'll be staying in the student lounge overnight if this strike does occur... Or I might have to sleep on a street corner in a cardboard box during the strike just so I can get to my job and school if the security guards won't let me.

What are you thinking Point Park administration?!? You should be stepping up for your students and faculty! There's no other word to describe how I'm feeling right now other than furious.


Prince Trase said...

I'd definitely live in a cardboard box. Who wants to pay electric bills?

Tiffany Ellis said...

I'll be right with you! It never ceases to amaze me how much Point Park disregards it's biggest division of students, the commuters.