Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Onarato continues to refuse joining union talks

Recently, Allegheny county chief executive Dan Onarato has been withholding over $28 million in funds from Pittsburgh Port Authority until they alleviate the current possible strike situation. He has also been making statements to several media outlets such as the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune review about Port Authority's local union 85 in a negative light, however, Mr. Onarato has not attended a single Port Authority strike talk.

Despite several interviews with him, he has refused to show up to any meeting despite the bus union's request for him to him to appear. Onarato is pressuring the union to accept the deal that was suggested by the fact finder report.

However, I don't really believe that it's fair for Dan Onarato to be making those rash statements to the press if he himself has not attended a single meeting.

Although Onarato may have seen the report and might have received some concerns from union bus drivers, I feel as though his view on the situation might possibly be impacted if he actually sat down with the bus drivers. Other drivers also feel as though his presence would be helpful in creating some much needed progress at the stagnant negotiation meetings.

I also believe that as a politician representing the citizens of Allegheny County, he should be there. If the buses shut down, then it affects all of his tax payers as well as all citizens of Allegheny county. If he was at the meetings, I believe that things could possibly go smoother and that the issues might be alleviated more easily. Dan Onarato should stop being stubborn and do what is best for the people that he represents, including the commuters as well as those who work for Port Authority.

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