Monday, October 27, 2008

Computers and Public Transportation

My laptop was broken this weekend, so I had to go get it fixed several hours ago. The battery was dead and the charger was broken. I probably spent about over $200 on fixing it today. I’m crying a little bit on the inside because of how expensive it was.

Anyways, this entry is not about me whining about how terrible my laptop is, even though I probably could continue to write about it...

When I was taking the trolley the other day, I saw a man sitting in a seat by himself with a laptop no bigger than the palm of his hand. He was typing away on it and browsing what appeared to be the internet (if I’m right) when he was doing so.

One part of me is telling myself that a teeny tiny laptop is absolutely ridiculous as well as hilarious. Another part of me is telling me that it’s brilliant…

But bringing one of those on a bus or subway? That seems to be a HUGE risk and liability. I really hope that the guy who had the mini laptop had some type of warrantee or insurance on it.

Somebody could have easily stolen that, or even worse, he could have dropped it if the subway car stopped suddenly. You could also easily forget something that small. I’ve had that happen to me before… not the dropping my laptop on a subway car part, but just dropping and damaging it. It’s one of the worst feelings when you know that you’ve spent a lot of money on something.

Still, is it worth bringing something very expensive, like a laptop, on to a bus or a subway? Or even a taxi?

I’ve seen people with huge laptops, like mine, taking the subway, and I personally think that they’re nuts. Are you really that busy that you need to do your work or homework while you’re travelling? Do you really need to check your Facebook that desperately while you take the bus?

Another thing that I see really frequently during my commute is people using their cellphones or PDAs to access the internet or games…Have we really become so addicted to technology that we can’t even last thirty minutes without it?

Some people never cease to amaze me.

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