Monday, October 27, 2008

Port Authority imposes new contract

It's been almost two months now, and there has been nearly next to no progress with Port Authority and their union.

However, this Saturday, Port Authority imposed a new contract on their bus and trolley drivers, as well as their maintenance workers. It was an 8-0 vote for Port Authority board members.

Union leaders believe that this forced contract is illegal, and not only are they fighting the contract, but they are suing Allegheny County politician Dan Onarato for withholding funds.

So what does this all mean?

Port Authority workers will be getting an annual 3% pay increase, however, many of their benefits are being cut and they are being forced to retire at a later age.

I do have a relative who drives buses for Port Authority that is VERY upset by this plan. He's worked for them for over 15 years faithfully, and they return the favor by slashing his benefits and forcing him to work for them even longer.

Driving buses and trolleys is not an easy job. I personally believe that it takes a lot out of you and I don't feel as though it's safe to have their employees work up until their 70s. Not only do you lose dexterity at that age, but they're cutting their health benefits... So you're going to have somebody driving a bus that is responsible for the lives of many people... and you can't even fully insure that they're at the very least healthy? You can't have a sick, tired, and worn down bus driver.

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