Monday, October 13, 2008

Sick of transportation- Literally.

I'm awfully sorry for the lack of legitimate blog posts, however, it's partly due to my excellent skills in procrastination, my business with school, and I feel as though I caught the black plague this weekend.

Everyone around me and in my apartment is completely sick.... hacking up a storm and missing class to stay home and rest.

I don't completely blame my roomies for my illness though.

Since I've been using public transit, I tend to get awfully sick more often.

Sure I like public transit because it's affordable and (sometimes) quick, but I seem to find myself sitting or standing the most ill person on the bus or trolley, or the guy who coughs on his hands and then reaches over for the handrail next to my seat. Being a germaphobe, it freaks me out... a lot.

Over 50% of the air on buses and trolleys is recirculated... which means you're breathing in your flu-infested seat mate's air. Yuck. As if sitting with them wasn't bad enough because you can easily get their sickness through bodily contact... Not to forget the always great person sneezing in your face.

This site seems to have some interesting methods for reducing your contact with germs on public transit.

Although in complete honesty, it seems somewhat impractical. Personally, I would like to breathe when I'm going to work or school... It's kind of an important thing to do. Because most humans need air.

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