Monday, October 13, 2008


So I've periodically been checking the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Point Park University sites to see if there have been any updates on the current strike situation.

And much to my surprise, there have really been no updates that I have been able to find. Just news about management at Port Authority bickering with the union and county representative Dan Onarato fighting with management and the union.

Things really don't seem like they're getting done.

According to Joe Grata, a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette....

"Absolutely no progress has been made in the difficult Port Authority labor dispute involving 2,300 bus-trolley operators, first-line supervisors and other hourly personnel.

Since the authority board and the executive board of Local 85, Amalgamated Transit Union, rejected a state-appointed fact-finder's report Sept. 12, both sides have met only twice, and then never more than for a few hours. As of Friday, no additional meeting had been scheduled."


Is this the future of the Pittsburgh Port Authority?

It's quite possible. Dan Onarato even made a statement to the Post Gazette that if things are not entirely resolved by the end of the year, then the Pittsburgh Port Authority will be gone. And thousands of riders will be left stranded or attempting to adjust to taking taxis or a new transportation company.

This is truly a shame.

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